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Global Services
James Coyle & Co works with clients on an international basis. Our varied clientele are located in multiple countries and work in many different industries including international banking.

Experienced Accounting Professionals
Our team of dedicated accounting professionals has over 35 of experience. We provide highly skilled services and our expertise and knowledge is unmatched.


James Coyle & Co

Chartered Accountants

Premium Accounting – Global Clients

Professional Accountancy Firm Specialising in International Accounting & Premium Clients

Welcome to James Coyle & Co

James Coyle & Co is a chartered accountancy firm with experience of working in a variety of industries and with a client list that reaches from Europe to Australia. A group with offices in 30 countries providing a broad range of accounting, corporate secretarial, and support services to a broad range of mostly corporate, but also high-net-worth clients. Private and public organisations from around the world have used our experience to help them map their progress, minimise their exposure, and plan for the future.

We work extensively with businesses in Ireland, the UK and Europe, providing professional financial, taxation, and accountancy services. From bookkeeping and payroll to statutory audits and liquidations, our highly knowledgeable team of accountants provide specialised and expert services. We have helped businesses all across the world find directors in Ireland for their various business needs. Dedicated to customer experience, at James Coyle & Co our clients always come first. We pride ourselves on the long-lasting relationships that we form with each of our clients, and whatever you need, understandable language, on-call customer support, regular meetings, we are here to provide it.

Based Dublin Ireland, James Coyle & Co's professional services extend across Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.


Get in Touch with James Coyle & Co For All Your Accounting Needs

Bookkeeping & Payroll

James Coyle & Co provides complete bookkeeping and payroll services, working with businesses throughout a variety of sectors in various countries. Our professionalism and expertise have made us a trusted payroll and bookkeeping partner.

Taxation & VAT Recovery

Our professional tax accountants ensure that your businesses is paying the right amount of tax and taking advantage of any and all entitled tax deductions. We will review your expenses and identify areas where tax can be reduced and VAT can be recovered.


For international or non-resident companies that require a director based in Ireland, James Coyle & Co has a panel of experienced directors available to take on new appointments.

  • My company is based in Europe. Can you help me?
    At James Coyle & Co, we specialise in international accounting and the majority of our clients are located oversees. So whether you are based in Ireland, Europe, or further afield, we can help with all your accounting needs.
  • What accounting services do you provide?
    We provide a comprehensive range of accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll, audits, taxation, liquidations, and company secretarial services. We can tailor our packages to suit your business requirements.
  • How do I book a consultation?
    Booking a free 15 minute consultation is easy. Simply select your chosen service, choose your preferred date and time, and we will be in touch to confirm your consultation. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email.
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